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my portable charger with a writing pad

As a cellphone addict, I can’t bear the time without my smartphone and that’s the reason why I choose to get a power bank. In case of running out of battery, I need to take it wherever I go. This one only weights 240g and it isn’t very thick, which make it easy for me to pack it in my handbag. To be honest, the storage is not very large, but I think 10000mAh is enough for me to satisfy my daily use. While not the fastest charger out there, it was able to charge my iphone 7 in less than two hours. Once fully-charged, it can meet the need of recharging for more than three times. Thankfully, it's discreet enough that you can bring it with you just about everywhere to plug in when necessary. With two USB outputs, I can charge both my smartphone and pad, making it possible for me to enjoy watching movie as well as chatting with my loved ones at the same time. What makes it amazing is that this power bank has the function of quick memo. Could you imagine how wonderful it is to play games with my friends while you need to kill time? It has a 6.5” E-ink screen which provides a way for us to play tic-tac-toe at any time. Sometimes it’s too fun that I almost forgot it’s actually a power bank. Besides playing games, I enjoy drawing sketches with the accessory pencil. Especially when I am with my kids, there is no doubt that having something that can act as a sketchpad is a wonderful way to quiet the boys down, not to mention taking notes while I have inspiration. The bottom next to the USB outlet can help clear all the marks on the screen, which is rather convenient. BTW, It might be such a brilliant gift to those who loves drawing or marking down information.